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Anxious passengers who wish to travel to Iran but are worried about a few other countries policies can take advantage of the new electronic visa of Iran which is known as no stamp, no sticker visa. This electronic visa is being issued from the last days of the November 18 in 110 points all around the world and all international airports in Iran. 

This could be an important offer for traveling Iran because with an e-visa, there wouldn’t be any sticker of visa or arrival and departure stamps on the passport if the traveler request. The duration of stay, validity, and the cost of this visa are the same as the old one.

There are 12 types of non-emigration visa for entering Iran so at first you must know which one is suited for you. For example; Tourist visa or visa type B is used foreign passengers who wish to travel to Iran for tourist purposes. Visa type C is for foreign Muslims who desire to pilgrimage the holy places in Iran and Visa type T is for foreigners who intend to travel to Iran for medical reasons.

Iran visa procedure:

If you want to apply for Iran visa as a tourist, you must have a passport for at least 6 mounts valid from the day you want to enter Iran and a traveling plan or itinerary. Prepare a personal picture and a passport copy in good resolution for more details passengers can visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran or could request for it here.

The duration of getting the tracking code last at least 2 days, so if you want to receive your e-visa upon arrival you should request for it 2 days ahead. For receiving the e-visa, passengers must pay for it which varies depending on the country of residence. So they have to attend in a representative office of Iran in their countries or in Iran international airports which they select before in their request form.